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Hand Solo Masturbation Machine

Hand Solo ($31) The Hand Solo is an amazing handjob machine that will vibrate your penis as you slide the toy up and down. The masturbator contains a RO-80mm bullet vibrator that makes it one of the most powerful masturbation machines for men on the market. The Hand Solo is a unique type of male […]

Nexus Istim Electro Tens Machine Kit

The Nexus Istim Electro Tens Machine Kit is a complicated looking gadget that is surprisingly simple to use and yet takes male stimulation to a whole new level!  What it does is provide electrical stimulation to sexually sensitive parts of the body, via carefully placed pads, or better still, via male sex toys in the […]

RealTouch – The Ultimate Masturbation Machine?

Virtual sex was dreamt up around five seconds after the concept of virtual reality was first thought of.  But did you really think that virtual sex would be a reality in your lifetime?  In fact, a reality right here, right now?  Well, it’s true.  AEBN, a long established adult entertainment company, have invented the world’s […]

Cobra Libre Masturbation Machine

Cobra Libre Masturbation Machine – A Revolution in Sex Toys Cobra Libre is the name of a famously stylish racing car, and now it’s the name of one of the most exciting new masturbation toys for men in years!  The Cobra Libre masturbation machine shares the sleek shape of the racing car, and inside its […]

Masturbation Machine for Small Penises

Do you have a smaller than average penis size?  Have you looked at envy at all the great masturbation machines for men, wondering if your penis might not be big enough to get the sensation from them.  Well envy no more, because the makers of the Autoblow, the robotic blowjob machine, have created a special […]

Masturbation Machines – A comparison

 Masturbation machines, a blow by blow comparison It was a tough job but someone had to do it. We tested four popular men’s sex toys to see which one came top. Pocket Pussy The sensation was ok, but after a couple of uses it started to smell like bad sex, after 5 to 6 uses […]