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Top Five Masturbation Machines for Men

The Top Five Male Masturbation Machines for Automatic Satisfaction! 1 – Kiiroo Onyx 2 ($219) – The most advanced male sex toy in the world, an automatic male masturbator, a haptic sex toy and virtual sex machine all in one.   2 – The SayberX ($249) – Sophisticated portable male masturbator that can also be […]

Rends A10 Ultimate Piston Vibrating Male Masturbator

Rends A-10 Piston Masturbator ($314) The Japanese have come up with another amazing masturbation machine that throbs, sucks, and strokes you off like no other masturbator on the market! The Rends A-10 is a powerful cock sucking masturbation machine that has a ribbed sleeve and no less than 7 intense vibration modes. Remote control sold […]

Prostate Masturbation Machine

The Mangasm is a prostate massage machine that does for your sensitive nether region what the Autoblow did for your penis!  Until you’ve tried a quality prostate toy like the mangasm, you won’t believe how erotic and intensely satisfying masturbating your penis and anus can be.  The Mangasm comes in a number of different editions, […]

Hand Solo Masturbation Machine

Hand Solo ($31) The Hand Solo is an amazing handjob machine that will vibrate your penis as you slide the toy up and down. The masturbator contains a RO-80mm bullet vibrator that makes it one of the most powerful masturbation machines for men on the market. The Hand Solo is a unique type of male […]

Mangasm Edge Masturbation Machine for Men

Mangasm Edge ($74) The Mangasm Edge is the ultimate prostate masturbation machine for men.  It is a highly advanced mechanised prostate stimulator, and its vibrations are so powerful that you may have an orgasm without even to need to touch your penis.  But go ahead if you want to! This is one of the most […]

Pumping Machine (Avoid)

Pumping Machine ($21) A pumping machine that not only claims to enlarge your penis, the vibrations and vacuum motions will tingle your cock as well. Verdict : While there are some very good penis pump cum masturbators on the market, you will have to spend more than $21 to get quality.  This one just doesn’t […]

Tenga Flip Air Black

Tenga Flip Air Black ($103) The Tenga Flip toys are marvels of sex toy engineering and design.  This Tenga Flip Air Black doesn’t require batteries – it’s not an electric sex toy.  But the level of complexity, clever design, and intricate interplay between its various buttons and resulting vacuum pressure, all combine to work mechanical […]

Nexus Istim Electro Tens Machine Kit

The Nexus Istim Electro Tens Machine Kit is a complicated looking gadget that is surprisingly simple to use and yet takes male stimulation to a whole new level!  What it does is provide electrical stimulation to sexually sensitive parts of the body, via carefully placed pads, or better still, via male sex toys in the […]

RealTouch – The Ultimate Masturbation Machine?

Virtual sex was dreamt up around five seconds after the concept of virtual reality was first thought of.  But did you really think that virtual sex would be a reality in your lifetime?  In fact, a reality right here, right now?  Well, it’s true.  AEBN, a long established adult entertainment company, have invented the world’s […]

Cobra Libre Masturbation Machine

Cobra Libre Masturbation Machine – A Revolution in Sex Toys Cobra Libre is the name of a famously stylish racing car, and now it’s the name of one of the most exciting new masturbation toys for men in years!  The Cobra Libre masturbation machine shares the sleek shape of the racing car, and inside its […]