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Japanese Male Masturbation Machines

The Japanese make the most amazing masturbation machines for both men and women on the planet.  Most people have heard of the famous Tenga Flip Hole, but another Japanese company – SOM, make a range of masturbation machines that are even more powerful than the Flip Hole. The SOM Blowjob Masturbation Machine – £349/$499 The […]

Masturbation Machine for Small Penises

Do you have a smaller than average penis size?  Have you looked at envy at all the great masturbation machines for men, wondering if your penis might not be big enough to get the sensation from them.  Well envy no more, because the makers of the Autoblow, the robotic blowjob machine, have created a special […]

The Mastomatic Masturbation Machine for Men

The Mastomatic is an automatic love mouth that never says no!  It is one of the most popular masturbation machines currently on the market, with thousands of satisfied customers testifying to the realistic hands free sexual experience it provides. This is masturbation taken to a new level.  This is the world’s first fully automatic masturbation […]

The Male Massager Machine

The Autoblow is an automatic male masturbation machine that delivers hands free sexual pleasure at the touch of a button.  After lubing up and putting your cock into the Male Massager, small silver beads will slide up and down the smooth sheaf covering your penis, recreating the sensation of either a handjob or a blowjob […]