Japanese Male Masturbation Machines

The Japanese make the most amazing masturbation machines for both men and women on the planet.  Most people have heard of the famous Tenga Flip Hole, but another Japanese company – SOM, make a range of masturbation machines that are even more powerful than the Flip Hole.

The SOM Blowjob Masturbation Machine – £349/$499


The Som Blowjob Machine has rightly been described as the most advance male masturbation machine in the world.  Anyone who has stuck their manhood inside the machine’s thrusting head will testify that it certainly is the most powerful.  Don’t expect to be able to hold back your orgasm for too long with this thing trying to suck you dry like a cum thirsty bitch on heat.

Available to order from England and shipping worldwide within days.

The SOM Handjob Masturbation Machine – £349/$499


The Som Handjob Machine is an alternative to the Blowjob Machine above.  Like to have your cock milked like a pro again and again?  Then the SOM handjob machine is the perfect investment.  $500 might sound like a high price for male sex toy but with the SOM you get a work of Japanese engineering that will last you for years and give you hundreds or even thousands of perfect masturbation experiences.  This is a must buy toy for anyone into handjobs.

The Puchi SOM Masturbation Machine for Men – £189/$300


The original and cheapest SOM masturbation machine for men.  This SOM may be small, but it certainly packs a punch.  Portable, yet powerful, the puchi som is a good introduction to the world of the next generation of sex toys from Japan.

Lady SOM Female Masturbation Machine – £299/$450


SOM decided that women shouldn’t be left behind in the new sex toy revolution and made one of the most advanced and powerful masturbation machines for women in the world.  The Lady SOM is capable of 180 powerful strokes a minute, completely hands free!

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