Masturbation Machines – A comparison

 Masturbation machines, a blow by blow comparison

It was a tough job but someone had to do it. We tested four popular men’s sex toys to see which one came top.

Pocket Pussy

The sensation was ok, but after a couple of uses it started to smell like bad sex, after 5 to 6 uses you wouldn’t want to put your pecker within spitting distance of it. At $25 it’s cheap, but Pocket Pussy has no long term whack off residual.

Bang for buck rating: 2

Japanese Tenga

These are single use jerk off toys, constructed of surprisingly good quality materials, but at $10 to $15 a time they start to blow your budget, never mind anything else, because it really is a once only deal. Nice while it lasts, but it doesn’t last.

Bang for buck rating: 3


These are really popular masturbation toys, and with good reason. The quality is good, and the sensation is satisfying, but at $60 you’re still doing all the hard grind yourself, and so ultimately they’re like a high class pocket pussy. It comes in a fancy plastic case, but we just used tissues.

Bang for buck rating: 4

Autoblow Blast

Ok, now we had to shell out $100 for this so we needed to be impressed, and we were. Once you’re lubed up and you place Autoblow over your cock, you soon realise this is not so much a jerk off as a full scale blow job. Best thing about it, it’s fully automatic, no hands, and you can control the speed. You can’t last long on full speed, you’ll shoot for the stars., but the Autoblow is built for the long haul.

Bang for buck rating: 5 Best in class!

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Autoblow Blast Masturbation Machine 5/5

Autoblow Blast Masturbation Machine 5/5

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