RealTouch – The Ultimate Masturbation Machine?

Virtual sex was dreamt up around five seconds after the concept of virtual reality was first thought of.  But did you really think that virtual sex would be a reality in your lifetime?  In fact, a reality right here, right now?  Well, it’s true.  AEBN, a long established adult entertainment company, have invented the world’s first virtual reality sex machine – and thousands of customers are already hailing it as the world’s ultimate masturbation machine for men.

The days of men having to use their hands for masturbation are long gone. In fact, the days of men having to rely on their imaginations or simply watch porn are long gone. With the RealTouch you don’t simply jerk off to porn, you actually experience porn. You experience exactly what the male actor in the porn film you are watching experiences, in REALTIME – perfectly synchronised with the actions in the film. The guy slides his dick in the girl’s pussy – the RealTouch masturbation sleeve slowly envelopes your dick. The guys thrusts get harder and faster – the RealTouch motion speeds up. The guy decides to try the back door and starts to fuck the porn actresses’ tight ass. The RealTouch orifice tightens. The actor wants to cum in her mouth and sticks his cock down her throat. The RealTouch user actually feels a tongue against his dick and saliva engulfing his manhood. This thing even simulates the female orgasm…at precisely the right temperature!

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