Tenga Flip Air Black

Tenga Flip Air BlackTenga Flip Air Black ($103)

The Tenga Flip toys are marvels of sex toy engineering and design.  This Tenga Flip Air Black doesn’t require batteries – it’s not an electric sex toy.  But the level of complexity, clever design, and intricate interplay between its various buttons and resulting vacuum pressure, all combine to work mechanical wonders on your privileged penis.

Even ease of cleaning the toy is built into the toy.  The name of the Tenga Flip comes from the fact that it flips open.  The case that locks it into the closed position when not in use doubles as a stand so that it can be easily air dried after cleaning with water.

The Tenga Flip toys are amongst the most popular masturbation toys in the world, some say a level higher than even Fleshlights.  The Tenga Flip Air Black could possibly be the best masturbation machine for men ever made.