The Male Massager Machine

The Autoblow is an automatic male masturbation machine that delivers hands free sexual pleasure at the touch of a button.  After lubing up and putting your cock into the Male Massager, small silver beads will slide up and down the smooth sheaf covering your penis, recreating the sensation of either a handjob or a blowjob – whatever you want to get you off!

The Autoblow can also be used as a sexual training aid for men.  The speed is fully controllable and you can pause the action of the motorized beads at any time.  Thus if you feel yourself cummign too soon, just pause or slow the thing down and you will train yourself to last longer in bed.   Having said that, you really do need to try hard to avoid cumming quickly with this thing sucking you off.  The sensation of the beads carressing your dick as they glide up and down, faster and faster, is extremely intense.

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